The Education & Programme Manager for Surgery is Susan House. 


Susan works part time, Monday, Tuesday and Friday 08:30 to 4:30

Louise Bowman  is Education & Programme Co-ordinator.  Louise works full time.


For specialty specific enquiries please email or .


Susan House is responsible for all aspects of programme management (core and specialty) doctors within the Severn PGME in (all Surgical Specialties except General Surgery, Plastics and Urology which are managed by Carla Miners in Peninsula). 


Please contact Susan House regarding any recruitment and training queries including:

  • Recruitment to substantive core and specialty training posts in (all Surgical specialties) within the Severn PGME
  • requests for out of programme experience (OOP)
  • inter-deanery transfer requests (in or out)
  • flexible training
  • maternity leave
  • extended sick leave
  • future and existing placements on the rotation
  • general entering and completing of the training programme (including requests for completion of completion of CCT form)
  • changes to CCT date
  • general enquiries concerning ARCP assessments


Practical and Financial Support for Doctors on Sick Leave

Practical and Financial Support for Doctors on Sick Leave


How to Obtain Your CCT (From the 1st of June, 2016 onwards)

As of January 2016, the JCST has introduced a new certification process for those whose CCT or CESR(CP) is on or after the 1st of June, 2016. From the 1st of June, 2016 the SAC Liaison Member (LMs) will be required to review your evidence and make recommendations to the final ARCP panel in advance. Your Training Programme Director will set the cutoff date for final upload of all your documentation for the SAC LM to review.

Please refer to the JCST website and also to the benchmarking guidelines for your speciality. 

If you have any further queries, please contact Susan House.


Resigning from Your Post

If you are resigning from you post you should:

  • Write a formal letter of resignation  which should be submitted to the Medical Staffing Department of your employing trust, copy to the  Training Programme Director, Assigned Educational Supervisor and Susan House, Programme Manager at Severn PGME.  Tthis letter must state the trainees formal contract end date, where you have obtained a post, and the job title.
  • Trainees must ensure all measures are taken to minimise the impact upon service provision and must meet the minimum notice period requirements of their trust contract