Welcome to the Faculty pages of the Severn School of Surgery website. This area is for Surgical Trainers, Assessors, Educational Supervisors, Clinical Supervisors and Programme Directors. Here you will find regular updates on courses, meetings, awards, vacant positions etc. If you are involved with surgical training and would like to post some information on this site, please email Mr. Robert Longman or Susan House.   Please also contact Mr Longman if you have any information on recent trainee achievements such as Trainee Distinctions, Fellowships, Prizes and Awards.

Royal College of Surgeons: Regional Support

Please see the following link for information on regional support in the South West https://www.rcseng.ac.uk/about-the-rcs/contact/

Training with Close Family Members

For more information on the subject please review the COGPED guidance.

Board Members

  • Mr Robert Longman - Head of School of Surgery/Associate Dean
  • Lt Col Christopher Taylor -  Plastic Surgery Programme Director
  • Miss Caroline Burt  - General Surgery Programme Director
  • Mr Mark Woodward - Paediatric Surgery Programme Director
  • Mr Simon Thomas - T&O Programme Director
  • Dr Michelle Spear - Senior Lecturer in Anatomy
  • Mr Paul Tierney - ENT Programme Director
  • Mr James Coulston - Core Surgery Programme Director
  • Mr Jamshed Shabbird - Skills & Courses Committee Chair
  • Mr Peter Lamont - RCS Council Member for Severn
  • Ms Susan House - Education & Programme Manager
  • Mr Jon Mutimer - Core T&O Programme Director
  • Mr Mark Westwood - Peninsula Head of School
  • Ms Jenna Cowling and Mr Geraint Day - RCS Regional Coordinators
  • Mr Richard Edwards - Neurosurgery Programme Director
  • Ms Lynne Fryer - OMFS Programme Director
  • Prof Martin Beaman - Postgraduate Dean for Severn
  • Mr Tim Bates - Urology Programme Director
  • Mr Mark Yeatman - Cardiothoracic Surgery Programme Director
  • Mr James Coulston -  Core Surgery Programme Director
  • Mr Richard Bulbulia - Vascular Surgery Programme Director
  • Dr Geoffrey Wright - Associate Dean
  • Mr Adam Williams - ASiT Trainee Representative