Prizes for Trainees with Academic and Clinical Excellence

The Postgraduate School of Surgery will be awarding two prizes annually for outstanding trainees. One prize will be awarded to a trainee participating in the Core Surgical Training programme and one for the Specialty Programme.

More details to follow. 

Fellowships, Awards and Prizes for Surgical Trainees 

The Postgraduate School aims to publish on the website fellowships, awards and prizes (happy to include as well the occasional non academic entry such as exceptional sporting achievements) that have been obtained by surgical trainees on the programme. This initiative is to not only record and recognise these achievements but over a period time to draw attention to useful opportunities that other trainees may wish to follow.

Please email Mr. Steve Eastaugh-Waring, Head of the Postgraduate School of Surgery with details of any submissions for this page using the contact details at the bottom of this page.

Date of Submission



November 2011

Neil Barua, Specialty Registrar in Neurosurgery

Very many congratulations to Neil Barua who has just enjoyed astonishing academic success these last three months. In September he was awarded the 2011 Young Investigator Prize by the International Society of Hydrocephalus and CSF Research at the Conference Hydrocephalus 2011 in Denmark. This research was into outcomes in paediatric shunt surgery was co-authored with Mr Kristian Aquilina under the supervision of Mr Richard Edwards. Then in October 2011 he was awarded an EPSRC Pathways to Impact Award (£18778) by the University of Bristol for a research project into delivery of amyloid-degrading enzymes to the brain for the treatment of Alzheimer's Disease. This project will be under the supervision of Professor Seth Love and Professor Steven Gill. Finally, in November 2011 he was a co-applicant on a successful application to the MRC's Developmental Pathway Funding Scheme (£747 000) for a project developing chemotherapy nanoparticles for brain tumours. The principal investigator for this study is Professor Steven Gill, and this is a collaborative project with the Universities of Bristol, Bath and Nottingham. Academic life doesn't get better than this and as a Postgraduate School of Surgery we are immensely proud of the achievements of Neil and his colleagues.

August 2011

Natalie Blencowe, SpR in General Surgery

Natalie Blencowe, surgical trainee and Academic Clinical Fellow in the Surgical Research Unit, School of Social and Community Medicine, University of Bristol, was awarded a National Institute of Health Research Doctoral Fellowship on "Understanding Complexity in Surgical Interventions: Implications for Trials, Training and Practice." (Congratulations also to her supervisor, Professor Jane Blazeby)

April 2011

Natalie Blencowe and Rob Bethune

Natalie Blencowe and Rob Bethune were shortlisted for an "Excellence In Healthcare Education BMJ Award" and featured in BMJ. This was for their "From Scared To Prepared Course," which recognised that mandatory training for junior doctors did not adequately prepare them for their new role.

February 2011 

Simon Monkhouse, Edward Toll, Anthony Palmer, Simon Duggan, Angus McNair, Nishith Patel, James Williamson

Congratulations to the following colleagues for winning 2010 Awards from the Severn School of Surgery:

Trainee of the Year: Simon Monkhouse

Core Trainee of the Year: Edward Toll, Anthony Palmer and Simon Duggan

Audit Prize: Angus McNair

Research Prize for Full Time Academic: Nishith Patel

Research Prize for Full Time Clinician: James Williamson

February 2011

Michael Whitehouse, SpR in T&O

Michael Whitehouse was successful in obtaining an NIHR-funded academic clinical lecturer post.

June 2010

Simon Duggan; CT2 General Surgery

Simon Duggan has been awarded the 2010 Heart Research UK National Training Fellowship The research is into 'Oxidative stress and the role of mitochondria in hearts with chronic coronary artery disease.' The proposed work will use a recently validated model of chronic coronary artery disease to provide novel information regarding the disease-induced changes in myocardial oxidative stress and mitochondria. The aim is to develop better cardioprotective strategies to treat the diseased heart and for protection during cardiac surgery and angioplasty. The fellowship is up to £150,000 over 24 months and will be part of an MD at the University of Bristol and the Bristol Heart Institute. His research will be supervised by Professor Gianni Angelini and Professor Saadah Suleiman, and close collaboration with Professor Andrew Halestrap. Many congratulations to the whole team.

April 2010

Brett Rocos; T&O ST2

 Brett Rocos has been appointed as Clinical Advisor to the Chief Medical Officer for 2010- 2011. As part of a small group of seconded doctors, he will be working to devise policies for the NHS relating to patient safety and efficiency within the organisation. The post involves regular tutorials with the Chief Medical Officer and the NHS Medical Director.

March 2010


Simon Kelley; T&O SpR

Simon has been appointed as Assistant Professor in Paediatric Orthopaedics at The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) in Toronto, Canada. SickKids is one of the most highly regarded children's hospitals in the world. With this academic appointment as a surgeon-scientist Simon will be specialising in limb lengthening, deformity correction and hip surgery. He will also be developing a basic science research program to study limb regeneration through the use of induced pluripotential stem cells.

February 2010


Michael Whitehouse, SpR in Trauma and Orthopaedics

Congratulations to orthopaedic trainee Michael Whitehouse, McMinn Scholar and Hon Lecturer Department of Academic Orthopaedics at Bristol University on the following recent awards:

Royal College of Surgeons of England Stefan Galeski Travelling Fellowship: Dubai and Bangalore. May 2010.

Royal College of Surgeons of England Research Fellowship. "An Investigation of the Cemented Acetabular Component in Total Hip Arthroplasty". June 2009.

MSc Orthopaedic Engineering, Distinction. June 2009.

McMinn Scholarship 2009 "An Investigation of the Cemented Acetabular Component in Total Hip Arthroplasty". British Hip Society. March 2009.

DePuy Research Grant. "Thermal Osteonecrosis with the use of PMMA Bone Cement In Vivo". June 2008

This is a really outstanding record of recent academic achievement and the Postgraduate School of Surgery is delighted to recognise this.

January 2010

Jonathan Rees, SpR in General Surgery

National Institute of Health Research, Clinical Lecturer's Post

Jonathan Rees is an SpR in General Surgery and has recently been a appointed as the Lecturer in Surgery at the University of Bristol. He was an undergraduate in Bristol, followed by house jobs in Bristol and Exeter. He was a demonstrator in Anatomy and undertook and A&E post in Bristol prior to Basic surgical training in SE Wales. He was then a Registrar Clinical Fellow in Frenchay and then undertook a PhD at the MRC Cancer Cell Unit / CR-UK Cambridge Research Centre as an MRC / Department of Health Clinical Research Training Fellow. He then joined the South West Higher Surgical Training Scheme working at the Bristol Royal Infirmary, Great Western Hospital, Swindon and for Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

December 2009

Richard Baker, SpR in T&O

Adullt Lower Limb Reconstruction Fellowship; Vancouver 2010 - Duration 1 year.

October 2009

Samuael Ford, SpR in General Surgery

Samueal Ford, SpR in General Surgery has been awarded the Sir Gordon Hamilton Fairley Cancer Research UK Clinical Research Fellowship (approx £200K) to research the role of haem iron in the pathogenesis of oesophageal adenocarcinoma and the potential therapeutic benefit of iron chelators in the treatment of chemo-resistant oesophageal cancer. This research is to be undertaken at the University of Birmingham (co-investigators - Prof Derek Alderson and Dr Chris Tselepis).

August 2009

Owain Hughes, Clinical Fellow in Otolaryngology

Owain Hughes, Academic Clinical Fellow (ACF) in Otolaryngology at the Royal United Hospital (RUH) Bath has been awarded a £250,000 Fellowship from the Medical Research Council (ref. G0900348) to develop a novel therapeutic vaccine against recurrent respiratory papillomatosis. At present, the only effective treatment is surgical tumour de-bulking, which becomes impossible once disease spreads to the bronchi and lungs. Owain will spend one year of his Fellowship at Yale University and two years at the UCL Institute of Child Health working with international leaders in cancer immunotherapy. Owain developed his research project under the supervision of Professor Martin Birchall at the University of Bristol and the RUH through one of the very few ACF positions in the country that combines surgical and academic training August 2009.

May 2009

Robert Bethune

Appointed into the Clinical Advisors Scheme working as the advisor to Gabriel Scally for the duration of 1 year beginning in October 2009.

April 2008

Daniel Titcomb SpR in General Surgery

Augus Travelling Fellow 2009 (Asspciaton of Upper GI Surgeons/RCS Eng Travelling Fellowship 2009). Tokyo April 2009

August 2008

David Pothier 5th year trainee in Otolaryngology.

Visiting Professor of Surgery, Emory University, Atlanta Georgia. USA October 2007

August 2008

David Grant 5th year trainee in Otolaryngology.

Head and Neck Oncology Fellowship, MD Anderson Cancer Centre, University of Texas. One year from July 2009

September 2008

Owain Hughes 2nd year trainee in Otolaryngology

Prize for "Best Oral Presentation" at the Autumn Otolaryngology Research Society meeting by a trainee up to ST2 Level on his research in "vivo real time histology examination of the upper airway mucosa using confocal endomicroscopy". September 2008

Cancer Reasearch UK bursary to complete a "Feasibility Study of Confocal Endomicroscopy to Image Tropical Monoclonal Antibodies Against CD45 and EGFR in the Upper Aerodigestive Tract Mucosa". July 2008

October 2008

Simon Kelley 6th year trainee in Trauma and Orthopaedics

First “Trans Canada Paediatric Orthopaedic Fellow”. 18 month fellowship at Toronto Hospital for Sick Children, Shriners Children’s Hospital in Montreal and British Columbia Children’s hospital in Vancouver. 2008-2009

British Orthopaedic Association Young Ambassador. Representing the BOA at the Hong Kong Orthopaedic Association Annual Congress and presenting on reconstruction techniques in children with spina bifida. November 2008

Sir Walter Mercer Medal for the most outstanding performance in the FRCS (Trauma and Orthopaedics). 2007

November 2008

Michael Kilshaw ST3 LAT in Trauma and Orthopaedics

Best Conference Presentation" Prize at the BritSpine 2008 Conference in Belfast for the paper "Abnormalities of the lumbar spine in the coronal plane of plain abdominal radiographs". April 2008

November 2008

Tom Edwards

South West Surgeons Annual Prizes; South West Surgeons Travelling Bursary to "observe colorectal practice at the Cleveland Clinic".

November 2008

DJ Pounaras et al

South West Surgeons Annual Prizes; John Farndon Prize for "Metabolic surgery for Type 2 diabetes.

November 2008

Brian Parsons, Natalie Blencowe and Andrew Hollowood

South West Surgeons Annual Prizes; "Training in Surgery. Is it really getting worse?"

November 2008

Costa Repanos SpR in Otolaryngology

"HCA International Fellowship Award 2008" in Advanced Head and Neck Cancer. 2008

November 2008

Costa Repanos SpR in Otolaryngology

"Advanced Head and Neck Surgery Fellowship" at the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane, Australia. July 2009-July 2010

November 2008

Julian Chakraverty CTR Trauma and Orthopaedics

"Top Performing Student" in the end of year diploma certificate examination in Surgical Sciences (Part of MSc programme in Surgical Sciences). November 2008

March 2009

Natalie Blencowe

Appointed Academic Clinical Fellow to Department of General Surgery working under Professor Jane Blazeby

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