Welcome to Severn PGME's Support and Development website

Trainee Support

The Severn PGME Trainee Support team aims to help promote trainee well-being and personal development by providing support and assistance in tackling obstacles or key transitions - professional or personal.

We understand how stressful and demanding working as a trainee doctor can be, as well as the effect our personal lives can have on us, which is why we feel offering a support service to Severn Deanery trainees is crucial.

Professional Support and Development

Professional Support and Development (PSD) provides access to a range of support and development resources for qualified doctors. The aim of PSD is to help improve the quality of patient care through assisting practitioners to fulfil their potential and perform at their best.

Accessing PSD is a positive step towards career enhancement. PSD can help practitioners to realise their full potential by providing support and assistance to help good doctors to become great doctors.

Doctors' Safe House

Doctors' Safe House is an on-line educational tool focusing on the non-clinical challenges faced by Doctors in their everyday work. Originally designed for Somerset GPs, it is written by an experienced GP educationalist and colleagues. It is simple to navigate, using the concept of a house with rooms where information, resources and links can be found. These relate to a wide variety of topics such as stress and burnout; professional relationships; timekeeping and difficult patients.

Being originally written for GPs, not all of the material is relevant for Hospital Doctors. However we are constantly revising and updating the content and this will include materials designed around the particular needs of secondary care.