This page has been designed to give you an idea about the structure of the school and to help put a face to the many names you will undoubtedly hear and meet  throughout your training.


Head of School: Mr Robert Longman

Royal College of Surgeons Council Member: Mr Peter Lamont


Training Programme Directors


General Surgery CT1/2 Mr James Coulston Taunton
General surgery ST3+ Miss Caroline Burt  NBT, Bristol
Trauma & Orthopaedic - Core CT1/2 Mr Jon Mutimer Cheltenham
Trauma & Orthopaedic ST3+ Mr Simon Thomas UHBristol
Neurosurgery Mr Richard Edwards UHbristol/NBT
Paediatric Surgery Mr Robin Garrett-Cox UHbristol
Urology Mr Timothy Bates Bath
Otolaryngology (ENT) Mr Paul Tierney UHBristol
Oral & Maxillo Facial Surgery Miss Lynne Fryer Torbay
Vascular Surgery Mr Richard Bulbulia  Gloucester
 Plastic Surgery  Lt.Col Christopher Taylor  Plymouth
 Cardiothoracic Surgery  Mr Mark Yeatman  UHbristol


College Tutors 


College Tutor Trust
Sarah Vestey Gloucester
Jo Bennett  Cheltenham
David Woods Swindon
Geoff Pye Weston
John Spearman Yeovil
Simon Evans Bath
Raj Persad  North Bristol
David Messenger UH Bristol
Amanda Thorne  Taunton
Ceri Beaton Barnstaple
William Chambers Exeter
Thomas Ball Torbay
TK Rajesh & Paul Hunter Plymouth
Michael Clarke Cornwall

HEE South West Severn

Education & Programme Manager: Mrs Susan House


Education & Programme Co-ordinator Mrs. Louise Bowen


General in box for School of Surgery

Regional College Coordinators: Miss Jenna Cowling  

Core Surgical Training Skills Programme Coordinator: Mr Richard.Bamford


Simulation & Skills Fellow for School of Surgery - Louise Merker