Core Knowledge Day 1: Emergency Topics in Surgery

Category: Training - Core - Knowledge Training

Date: November 24th 2017 8:30am until 4:30pm

Location: Royal United Hospital, Postgraduate Centre, Combe Park, Bath BA1 3NG

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Of note to Core Trainees: This course unfortunately clashes with the 10th Annual Laparoscopic Training Day in Taunton. The expectation from Mr. Shabbir and your TPD is that the mandatory core training course takes priority.


Emergency Surgery; including update talks on Vascular and Urology surgery along with interactive sessions on managing the unwell patient, handing-over the emergency patient and post-op complications. There are also subgroup workshops on UGI and LGI Emergency Surgery Scenarios.


Mr Paul Maddox


Compulsory for all Core Trainees (including LATs) to attend all 4 knowledge days over their two years of core training.


Each core knowledge day will be run once each year to allow choice (over the two years of core training) for attendance.


Core knowledge days provide formal teaching linked to the ISCP curriculum. The topics are chose to include areas of knowledge that are less prominent throughout the training programme and to ensure all core trainees acquire the relevant skills and exposure prior to progression to the ST programme.


No car-parking arrangements are provided at the venues. Most hospital venues and the Denaery have limited car-parking facilities. Good bus and train links are available across the Deanery region. Trainees are advised to plan their journeys to Core Knowledge Training Days in advance and if coming by car are advised to offer a lift to colleagues.

Attendance outcomes

A record of attendance will be kept by the Deanery. Attendance details are provided to your Programme Directors and will be assessed at the yearly ARCPs. Certificates will be provided for each training day to trainees, who attend, for their portfolio.

Trainee feedback

Trainees will be asked to provide anonymised feedback on each Core Knowledge Training Day. This is important for the School of Surgery to ensure that the standards of delivery and content of the teaching is maximized for Severn School of Surgery core trainees in the future.


Failure to attend a module requires a trainee to complete an explanation form which is available on-line at the School website and is returnable to at the School of Surgery.



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