Core Knowledge Day 1- Emergency Topics in Surgery

Category: Training - Core - Knowledge Training

Date: November 23rd 2018 8:00am until 4:30pm

Location: Royal United Hospital Bath - Lecture Theatre, Seminar Room, Cotswold, Quantock and Committee Rooms BA1 3NG

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The Core Knowledge Day for CST in Emergency Topics in Surgery will be held at the Postgraduate Centre, Royal United Hospital Bath on Friday 23rd November 2018 from 08.00 to 16.30 hours.


23rd November 2018

RUH Bath Post-Graduate Centre


0800   Arrive and coffee


0815   Welcome                                                                                                       Paul Maddox


0830   Introduction and management of unwell surgical patients           Richard Bamford


0900   Emergency surgery scenarios


0900-0945     Group A LGI 1         Group B LGI 2         Group C UGI 1       Group D UGI 2

                        Adam Chambers      Mark Taylor               James Kynaston      Harry Dean

                        (James Wood)                                              Steve Lindley


0945-1030     Group A UGI 2         Group B LGI 1         Group C LGI 2         Group D UGI 1

                        Harry Dean               Adam Chambers      Mark Taylor               James Kynaston

                                                            (James Wood)                                              Steve Lindley

1030   Break


1045   Urology Emergencies                                                                               Jaspal Phull

1115   Endocrine Emergencies                                                                          Paul Maddox

1145   Vascular Emergencies                                                                             Rebecca Winterborn


1215   Lunch


1300   Emergency Surgery Scenarios


1300-1345     Group A UGI 1         Group B UGI 2         Group C LG 1          Group D LGI 2

                        James Kynaston      Harry Dean               Adam Chambers      Mark Taylor

                        Steve Lindley


1345 -1430    Group A LGI 2         Group B UGI 1         Group C UGI 2         Group D LGI 1

                        Mark Taylor               James Kynaston      Harry Dean               Adam Chambers

                                                            Steve Lindley


1430   Break


1445   Handing over the emergency patient                                                   Mark Taylor


1545   Post Operative Complications                                                               Richard Bamford


1600   End                                                                                                                Paul Maddox


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