We will display 50 posters from trainees grouped into 5 major themes. As the Conference is about “Innovation” the overall requirement is that posters should be about work or research that has made a real contribution to improving medicine and/or medical care.

Posters should be directly related to one the following 5 areas related to this overarching theme:

  • Improving patient safety
  • Using Simulation to improve competence and practice
  • Improving Clinical Practice
  • Improvements and innovations in Work Practice which could include both clinical and non-clinical processes
  • Education initiatives and development

Abstracts should be submitted by email directly to Alan Cook no later than
Friday 7 September 2012, after which the application process will be closed.

They should meet the following criteria in order to be shortlisted:

  • Maximum length of 250 words, with no other additions and excluding references
  • Any references must be quoted at the end using the Vancouver reference style
  • Must be about the authors’ own and original work, which is either on-going or was completed in the last 12 months
  • Must be applicable to other areas of practice
  • Must include information about research methods
  • One of the contributors must be available to attend the conference on 9 October 2012 and be prepared to talk about the poster to a small group - only one trainee per poster can attend
  • Where relevant and appropriate ethical approval should have been received

Please use the following headings:

  • Background (context setting)
  • Methods
  • Results
  • Key messages

The production of the posters should meet the following criteria:

  • Size: A2
  • Printed and able to be easily pinned on to a poster display board

A panel from the Deanery will meet in late-August to agree the final posters for display at the Conference and the successful submitters will then be registered to attend the event. At the conference each theme will be assessed and the agreed winner will receive a certificate from the Deaneries and the conference. The overall winner will receive both a certificate and a prize.