Mediation - Accredited Programme

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Date: November 3rd 2014 9:00am until November 7th 2014 6:30pm

Location: Severn Postgraduate Medical Education, Deanery House, Vantage Office Park, Old Gloucester Road, Hambrook, Bristol BS16 1GW

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Mediation is a form of dispute resolution which is increasingly being used in organisations to resolve difficult conflicts.

It is usually voluntary and the mediator acts as a third party helping those in dispute reach an agreement through a facilitated process requiring specific knowledge and skills.

This five day professional programme in Mediation is provided by the London School of Mediation for Severn Postgraduate Medical Education.


The London School of Mediation (LSM) is one of the world’s leading providers of accredited mediation training for people wishing to become mediators, or to acquire or improve mediation skills. The School, known until 2007 as the European Training Team, presents a mediation training course that meets and exceeds all current and anticipated UK and European standards - and is recognised around the world as superb. There are 40 hours of contact time, continuous and specific assessments, an examination, and a graduation session. All of this is delivered with the unique advantage of the materials being provided that are current and tested by leading practitioners.

Experience in the NHS field

The School, and the course leaders Jonathan Dingle and Judith Kelbie, both of whom have won the Mediator of the Year award in their fields in the United Kingdom, have good connections with NHS mediation training. They have presented eight specific courses for medical staff doing mediation in the last two years and have trained many more individuals or small groups. The feedback is tremendous and it is exciting to see the fruits of the training.

These have included psychologists, consultants, administrators and managers, nursing staff, and clinical directors at regional and Trust levels. Further, the course leaders work with around 500 doctors annually teaching and updating medico-legal ethics and clinical negligence dispute resolution, and have done so for a decade.


LSM's courses follow the highly successful model it has introduced and seen adopted around the world with a 1:7 or better tutor to delegate ratio and internationally renowned leaders. The days are intensive but time flies by such is the quality of the tutors and the sheer immersion and excitement of the subject.

The role plays and subjects for NHS mediation courses are tailored to that subject – but they also offer wider commercial and workplace elements to enable delegates to work in the broader context of fee paying work if they wish. They include specific workplace, patient, and administrative issues which are commonly encountered and are contemporary in nature as well as more general issues.


Pattern of training

The course is flexible to the needs of the delegates but typically follows this pattern:

Day One - Monday: Classroom Day

09.30-18.30 NHS Context; Mediation 101; Exercises; Workshops; and the Course Leader's Mediation Demonstration; First Course "Live" Mediation; Homework

Day Two - Tuesday: Practical Day

09.00-18.30 Ethics; Key Legal Issues; Four "Live" Mediations; Body Language and Non Verbal Communication workshops; Psychological issues and Homework

Day Three - Wednesday: Practical Day

09.00-18.30 Workplace; Complexities; Four "Live" Mediations; Soft-skills; Rapport Building and Reality Testing Techniques; the examination is issued at the end of the last session

Day Four - Thursday: Assessment Day

09.00-18.30 Full series of structured assessments; optional course social event.

Day Five - Friday: Assessment Day

09.00-18.30 Full series of structured assessments; followed by individual personal mentoring: the examination is handed in at 0900 for moderation. Results are given at the end of the course and certificates awarded.

Attendance at all sessions is required for national accreditation.


Follow up and support

Full support, ethical guidance, and marketing ideas are offered for 12 months after the course. The LSM can also provide development training, online (Facetime) sessions and CPD.


Accreditation, recognition, and certification

The LSM course is recognised by all major accrediting organisations or bodies in the United Kingdom and common law jurisdictions. It has been adopted or recognised by the Royal College of Physicians, the Bar Council of England and Wales, Law Society, Bar Standards Board, Solicitors Regulation Authority, Civil Mediation Council, the Bar Council of Ireland, the Cayman Islands Association of Mediators and Arbitrators and many other organisations around the world. Alumni are eligible to be Certified Mediators on the National Mediator Database and to join The Society of Mediators.Pass rate and feedback

Typically the pass rate on the course is around 90%, with a maximum of 100% and a lowest of 85% in the last five years. Where a person fails to qualify they are given full support and offered a re-examination or further assessment as necessary. The feedback (available on website) is exceptional with maximum evaluations the norm from over 800 people worldwide in the last five years. The course delegates have been Chief Justices and Ministers, doctors and psychologists, lawyers and pilots, artists and musicians, students and homemakers, community groups, bankers and businesses


Leaders and Tutors

The leaders will normally be Jonathan Dingle or Judith Kelbie supported by Zoey White JP and Steve Malcolm OBE supported by guest medical mediation speakers where available - but the LSM reserves the right to substitute for one of these individuals another fully experienced tutor member of the LSM Faculty with relevant experience and skills, should that be appropriate or necessary for exigencies or unforeseen circumstances. This would be unusual but sometimes happens on choices of dates or requirements for one to attend Court


The cost of the course is £1,300 per delegate, we can now secure your booking and arrange payment for the event using one of the following options:

  • We can accept cheques from you, the cheques must be made payable to “Health Education England”
  • We can also arrange for an invoice to be sent to your Trust, if you could advise us if you wish to take this option I will need to obtain some additional information from you

Payment for the course will need to be made to confirm your place (we will require the cheque/invoice to be paid within 30 days of expression of interest). If you are sending a cheque, please could you send it to:

Anne Elliott, Severn Postgraduate Medical Education, Deanery House, Vantage Office Park, Old Gloucester Road, Bristol, BS16 1GW


Places are limited, but please feel free to share this opportunity with colleagues who could be interested in obtaining a qualification in Mediation.


Further information

More information can be obtained from Jonathan Dingle who is partly-based in Taunton ( 01823 350277 or by calling the school directly, or by speaking to Registrar Zoey White JP, who is based in Thornbury 07508 260090.

In particular, there is a free PDF download available of the Mediation Handbook 2013 2014 prepared by the LSM at which is recommended to delegates.

The LSM website ( is also a source of considerable information.


For further enquiries or to book a place please contact Severn Education Team.