Professional Excellence Group Training Day

Category: Training - School of Surgery

Date: September 28th 2016 10:30am until 4:30pm

Location: Southmead Hospital's Learning & Research Centre, Seminar Room 2, Southmead Road, Westbury-on-Trym, Bristol BS10 5NB

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Professional excellence groups: Creation of better leaders through exchange of ideas and trust



Introduction - ‘The Burning Platform’

As we progress in our medical careers, we are supported by a great deal of supervision and assessment particularly around achieving clinically based competencies. There is less about teaching the art of being an excellent doctor to meet the everyday challenges of work life.

Offering individuals the opportunity to establish relationships with the specific purpose of providing a safe environment for conversations around challenges and concerns is well recognized as a powerful tool in leadership development in business and industry.

These conversations might include the art of knowing how to work best with the difficult members of the team; how to improve the quality of care when it involves many different people; how to progress your career or maintaining a balance between a busy work life and a full home life.

Outcomes for the day:

  • Start to develop the skills to participate in a Professional Excellence Group, including listening, contributing, questioning and giving feedback.
  • Experience participation in a Professional Excellence Group.
  • Start to develop the skills required to run your own Professional Excellence Group.



The morning will be spent examining specific skills that are required of an excellent mentor, such as active listening and constructive questioning. We will also discuss the structure of the Professional Excellence Groups, including their boundaries.

In the afternoon we will focus on using the skills developed during the morning. You will participate in a Professional Excellence Group using an action learning set methodology.

There will be an opportunity to discuss methodologies used and look at ways to take Professional Excellence Groups forward.



Anne Maree Wallace (Doctor, Independent Coach and Mentor)

Lorna Marson (Transplant Surgeon, Associate Dean, Edinburgh University)


Registration/Additional Information

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