ST3 ENT Interview Course

Category: Training - School of Surgery

Date: March 30th 2012

Location: Sunderland City Hospital


This interview course will provide you with the skills and knowledge that will optimize your chance of being selected at the ST3 ENT national selection interviews.

  • All our interviews are conducted by consultants who have been involved in ST3 interviews in the past.
  • We only have a limited number of available spaces for each course to maintain quality. We are a charity, so this is not a profit-driven course.
  • Every candidate will have his/her portfolio assessed by a consultant.
  • Every candidate is able to view every interview¬†as it occurs. This allows you to see different interviewing styles, hear different interview questions, and gives you the chance to ask questions back and access feedback.
  • Booking early on, means you can secure an early-bird discount, saving you more money on an already excellent course price.

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