Surgery-in-General CT1 & CT2 Clinical Skills Training (Taunton)

Category: Training - Core Surgery

Date: April 28th 2017 8:30am until 5:00pm

Location: Education Centre, Musgrove Park Hospital, Taunton TA1 5DA

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For all CT1 and CT2 Surgery-in-General trainees. The other course (which is in Gloucester) date is 3rd of March, 2017. The expectation is all trainees will attend both the Gloucester and Taunton clinical skills training days over their two years of Core Training. (Please also be sure to enter your email address correctly as you may receive course-related correspondence via that address.)


Also of note: For those attendees in possession of a laparoscopic trainer kit it would be greatly appreciated if you could bring it with you on the day. This will help eliminate the need for sharing kits.



Compulsory for all CTs (including LATs) on the ‘SiG’ (surgery in general) programme. All SiG CT’s will need to attend both the clinical skills training day in Gloucester and in Taunton over their two years of core training.


The Gloucester and Taunton days will both be run once annually.


Core skills days are linked to the ISCP curriculum and use simulation and seminar based formats to teach commonly used clinical skills. These can be linked to simulation based WBA’s and the main themes are consistent in the CT1/2 training days regardless of geographical location in which they are given.

Themes – TBA


8.30 Registration/Tea & Coffee
Dining Hall

8.45-09.00 Welcome and introduction
Training Room 2

9.00-10.30 Stations x 3
Group A Training Room 1
Group B Training Room 2
Group C Training Room 3

10.30-11.00 Tea & Coffee
Dining Hall

11.00-12.30 Stations x 3
Group B Training Room 1
Group C Training Room 2
Group A Training Room 3

12.30-13.30 Lunch
Dining Hall

13.30-15.00 Stations x 3
Group C Training Room 1
Group A Training Room 2
Group B Training Room 3

15.00-15.30 Tea & Coffee
Dining Hall

15.30-16.30 Haemostasis and energy devices
Training Room 2

17.00 Close


Groups and Training Room Allocations

Group A. 6 candidates
Group B. 6 candidates
Group C. 6 candidates

Training Room 1
1A Doppler, Wounds, Compression Bandaging
1B Vascular Anastomosis
1C Endovenous wire skills

Training Room 2
2A Stomas and Bags
2B Bowel Anastomoses
2C Stapling

Training Room 3
3A Suprapubic Catheterisation
3B Testicular torsion
3C Laparoscopic skills


No car-parking arrangements are provided at the venues. Most hospital venues have limited car-parking facilities. Good bus and train links are available across the Deanery region. Trainees are advised to plan their journeys to Surgical Skills Training Days in advance and if coming by car are advised to offer a lift to colleagues.

Venue Directions



Miss Andrea Cannon


Attendance outcomes

A record of attendance will be kept by the Deanery. Attendance details are provided to your Programme Directors and will be assessed at the yearly ARCPs. Certificates will be provided for each training day to trainees, who attend, for their portfolio.

Trainee feedback

Trainees will be asked to provide anonymised feedback on each Surgical Skills Training Day. This is important for the School of Surgery to ensure that the standards of delivery and content of the teaching is maximized for Severn School of Surgery core trainees in the future.


Failure to attend a module requires a trainee to complete an explanation form which and is returnable to Chad Elliott at the School of Surgery.


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