Welcome to New Core Surgical Trainees


(A message from your Head of School)

Congratulations on your appointment to the Core Surgical Training Programme and welcome to the HEE South West  - Severn School of Surgery.

This is the start of an exciting and rewarding career for you all and I hope you enjoy your time with us. The School of Surgery prides itself on its ability to work closely with trainees and Trusts within the region to deliver excellence in Surgical Training and you will be the beneficiaries of that. The School of Surgery is always looking for innovative ways to enhance your training and you will be exposed to simulated training and have access to a range of high quality training facilities, material and world class trainers. It is your responsibility to ensure that you make the most out of these opportunities made available to you.

Don’t forget that you represent yourselves, our profession and the School of Surgery in all that you do. I therefore ask that you remain professional, work hard and enjoy your time with us.

Over the next 2 years you will have the opportunity to develop into excellent surgical trainees and go on to higher surgical training with confidence, a strong foundation of knowledge and surgical skill.

Good luck and I look forward to meeting you all.


Mr. Robert Longman
Head of the Severn School of Surgery



(A message from your Training Programme Directors)

Congratulations on your appointment as a Core Trainee in HEE Severn .   We are sure that you will find the programme to be rewarding and exciting as you progress through the early part of your career.

The next two years are designed to develop you into well-rounded, capable trainees who will be able to progress and excel in higher surgical training. We ask that you fully engage and participate in the clinical and educational programmes that are provided for you.

It is essential that you maintain a record of all of your activities as a trainee and this should be done electronically on the ISCP website. You should register before you attend induction. Work Based Assessments are an essential part of this and we suggest that you start collecting these as soon as possible and make the most of every opportunity afforded you.

We aim to make the programme the best of its kind and expect the same high standards of our trainees. We are here to support you to do this and if you find yourself in need of support please don’t hesitate to contact your clinical or educational supervisors, surgical tutors or one of us.

Congratulations again and we look forward to meeting and working with you over the coming years.


Mr Richard Bamford 
Core Surgery-In-General TPD

Mr Tristan Barton 
Core T&O TPD




For assessment requirements, please see the ARCP Checklist