Overall supervision of the programme is led through Severn PGMDE.   


The TPD (Training Programme Director) role normally rotates between the two centres.   The current Training Programme Director is Mr Paul Fewings, based in Plymouth. 


The trainees rotate between the two training hospitals with approximately half their training at either centreIf for example they commence in Plymouth then the expectation is they finish in Bristol, and vice versa.  

Appointment to the Neurosurgery Training Programme is undertaken by national recruitment and trainees can apply to enter at various levels:  ST1, ST3 or ACF.  


The School of Surgery offers an 8-year training programme in Neurosurgery commencing at ST1 level, ST3 or ACF level.  Trainee placements are in:   


  1. Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust, Derriford Hospital, Plymouth  

  1. North Bristol NHS Trust, Southmead Hospital, Bristol 

  1. University Hospitals Bristol & Weston NHS Foundation Trust, Bristol Children’s Hospital, Bristol  


Neurosurgical training in the Southwest is conducted as a combined programme with placements in both Bristol and Plymouth.   During the training programme registrars rotate between different consultants at six monthly intervals. They will achieve a wide range of exposure to ward cases, intensive care cases, operating theatre and outpatient clinics. There is a major commitment to on-call work.  


The curriculum is outlined on the ISCP website and trainees are expected to achieve competencies at a steady pace throughout training in line with the curriculum. 




Consultants at each of the training sites:

Bristol -  Southmead Hospital  - North Bristol NHS Trust 


  • Mr Kumar Abhinav
  • Miss Reiko Ashida 
  • Mr Neil Barua
  • Mr Constantinos Charalambid
  • Mr Ven Iyer
  • Mr George Malcolm
  • Mr Mark Nowel
  • Mr Nikunji Patel
  • Mr Nitin Patel
  • Mr Angelo Pichierri
  • Mr Ian Pople
  • Mr David Porter
  • Miss Naomi Slater
  • Mr Mario Teo
  • Mr Crispin Wigfield
  • Mr Adam Williams

Bristol - Bristol Royal Hospital for Children - University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust

  • Mr Richard Edwards
  • Mr Greg Fellows
  • Mr William Singleton 


Plymouth - South West Neurosurgery Centre, Derriford Hospital - Plymouth Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust 


  • Mr Titus Berei
  • Mr Paul Fewings
  • Mr Tim Germon
  • Mr Samuel Jeffery 
  • Mr Samiul Muquit
  • Mr James Palmer
  • Mr Himanshu Sharma (Orthopaedic Spinal Surgeon)
  • Mr Nagarajan Sudhakar
  • Mr Peter Whitfield
  • Mr Tim Woodacre