In line with HEE policy, the ARCP will be conducted in absentia, therefore you are not required to attend. To ensure the effectiveness of the ARCP process, please ensure your ISCP is up to date for your current stage of training according to your Global Objectives. Please upload all the required documents to your ISCP by the published submission date. You will receive an email on this nearer to the time. Trainees should note that any documents uploaded after the submission date may not be considered. 

In addition, please also upload any completed documents to your ISCP under ‘Other Evidence’ section:

Should you have any questions about your ARCP, please discuss this with your Educational Supervisors, College Tutors, or TPD who will be able to advise you accordingly. 

The ARCP review will chart your progress to date and will identify any specific training needs for the future. The results of the review will be recorded on your ISCP within the ARCP section. We advise you share the information relating to your ARCP outcome with your Educational Supervisor to facilitate further Educational Supervision.


New Curriculum Requirements for ISCP

The ARCP review will chart your progress to date and will identify any specific training needs for the future. The results of the review will be recorded on your ISCP within the ARCP section. We advise you share the information relating to your ARCP outcome with your Educational Supervisor to facilitate further Educational Supervision.

You must have 2 MCRS completed and signed off for every placement during your Core Training.  This means you will need 4 in a year.  Remember, it takes 2 weeks from the MCR taking place before it can be signed off and you have you placement meeting with your AES.  It is your responsibility to ensure this happens and you have a final placement meeting signed off before the next ARCP.  Please ensure you plan this in advance with your supervisors. July will mean an increased amount of annual leave and you will not be able to complete the process at short notice.

You must treat the ISCP portfolio as you would a paper portfolio. If evidence is not uploaded, it doesn’t exist.  If you do a course, get a certificate, pass an exam, have an abstract accepted etc you must upload evidence of this on ISCP.  Having it written on your CV is not enough for it to count for your ARCP from now on.  This includes the deanery provided teaching sessions, lap ox trainers,, elearning modules that you should be taking part in.  If its not uploaded on ISCP it essentially didn’t happen!

You must have a valid ATLS to complete core training. If you don’t already have it, book a course asap and upload booking conformation to ISCP. If you do have it, make sure the certificate is uploaded on ISCP.

You must complete at least one MSF per year, most of you haven’t done one yet so please do so asap.  There is no longer an absolute requirement for a mid-point MCR.  You do require a Final MCR at the end of your placement.  However, if you are able to complete a mid point MCR during your post, this does remain a useful option for you to obtain feedback as you progress.  This is primarily for 4 and 6  month posts.  If you are in a 12 month post, you do need to complete a mid point MCR at 6 months.   In your ISCP portfolio, you are able to bypass the mid point MCR and select the final MR.  The requirements for each placement are shown below.  Please ensure you have all the mandatory evidence available for the year end ARCP. 



Your log books must be up to date.  Please don’t wait to upload cases and miss the deadline.  It is also important that you accurately reflect on whether you have been trained and therefore an STS case or just assisted.  Many of you have lots of assisted cases and I wonder if you haven’t accurately recorded the STS elements of each case you record.  From now on, I would expect the vast majority of your cases to have an element of STS and be recorded as such. 

Please continue to record WBAs.  They are an essential way of ensuring and recording your progress.  While there is no minimum number anymore (outside the mandated WBAs), the more the better.  You must also ensure that you have the mandated WBAs to the correct number and level which I include as an attachment. 


New Curriculum Portolio evidence for the ARCP 

The ARCP content and process have not changed.  However. the portfolio evidence of trainees who have transitioned to the new curriculum will be different as tabled below.


Mandatory Evidence in each Placement
  • Completed Learning Agreement (final review includes ARC report)
  • CEX/DOPS for critical skills (Core)
  • CEXs/CEXCs/ CBDs for critical conditions (specialty)
  • PBAs for index procedures (specialty)
  • Multisource Feedback (MSF)
  • Up to date logbook 
  • Final Multiple Consultant Report (MCR)
  • Final Trainee Self-Assessment 
Optional Evidence in each placement
  • Mid Point MCR 
  • Mid point Trainee Self Assessment
  • Other WBAs (the annual target number has been removed)
Evidence at the end of Core Surgical Training (Section 5.4 of core curriculum)
  • MRCS or MRCS (ENT) examinaton
  • Final MCRs (from each placement in final year with supervision levels as shown in section 3.4 table 2 and all GPCs appropriate for phase of training)
  • Final trainee Self-assessments in each placement in final year
  • Completed Learining Agreements (in each placement in final year, including on CS report)
  • Mandatory CEX/DOPS (as shown in appendix 3)
  • MSF from each whole time equivalent training year
  • Up to date logbook
  • In date certification through an approved trauma course. 



For those of you who have not completed MRCS part A, the deanery have arranged for a specific part A revision course and I very strongly encourage you to attend it.  Details will be circulated shortly.


Those of you have not been successful in either part of the exam please contact the deanery professional support unit ( for additional support and advice. I would strongly advice that you make a note that you’ve sought their support in ISCP as well, although no details are required as anything you discuss with them is confidential and can stay that way. 


Finally, please look at the requirements for completing Core Training  and use it as a way to ensure your portfolio and uploaded evidence meets the criteria.


Exam Survey document (for both CT1 and CT2 trainees) 

Form R +/- Wider Scope of Practice forms  (in the scope of practice include any past and present employers/ host training organisation placements/ time out of programme/ advisory/ voluntary roles or any other activity undertaken in your capacity as a registered medical practitioner including all locum and non-NHS work even if these are with current employer/ host training organisation (an example to include could be acting as a medical officer at a sports event).   

 All such roles should also be declared in the Scope of Practice section of the Form R. Please be aware your Form R and whole scope of practice must mirror the ARCP period under review. The form R should be completed & uploaded onto your ISCP but no earlier than 30 days before the ARCP date. The Form R is a mandatory requirement at each ARCP for revalidation purposes and failure to submit the form may result in receiving an outcome 5.   A copy fo the Form R must also be sent to the Education Programme Manager.


More information can also be found on the College website , or in this video


 An ARCP Panel Guide for Core Surgical Training (taken from ISCP website)


Syllabus area Required Evidence Suggested Evidence 
Common content module

Certificate of completion of MRCS or


Mandatory WBAS (appendix 3)

Current approved trauma providers status (section 5.3.7)

Completed AES Report and at least one CS report from each placement

Up to date Logbook

MSF from each whole time equivalent (WTE) Training Year

MCR from each placement 

Logbook Evidence of >120 cases per year

WBA Portfolio covering particular areas of interest as agreed with AES, or to evidence progress in targeted training areas as required by a previous ARCP panel 

Core Specialty Modules Completion of at least one module Logbook, WBA portfolio and CS report covering specified syllabus areas - see syllabus for details 
ST3 Preparation Modules

Completion of one module

Final MCR showing capability at required supervision levels or batter (Section 2,3, table 2)

Logbook, WBA portfolio adn CS report covering specified syllabus areas - see syllabus for details 
Annual Appraisal  Completed enhanced Form R or equivalent  Engagement with training programme 
Teaching and Training    Evidence of teaching delivery within AES report, other evidence or as OOTs
Keeping up to date and understanding how to analyse information     Evidence of engagement with audit,medical literature and guidelines within AES report, other evidence or as AoAs 
Leadership     Evidence of engagement with local clinical governance and faculty groups within AES report or other evidence 


Critical Skills


Basic critical skills have been identified which are of significant importance for patient safety and demonstration of safe practice.  Across surgery, these generic skills lie at the heart of the patient assessment and good practice in the operating theatre, where mistakes can be associated with devastating consequences for patients.  These critical skills are assessed individually by means of WBA.  They provide formative feedback to the trainee and  collectively contribute  to the summative assessment of the trainee's performance in the clinical environment and should inform the AES report and ARCP.


Competency Form to use Indicative Number Level of Performance Required

Take a tailored history and perform a relevant examination in an outpatient clinic 

CEX (Clinic, History & Exam)  3 2
Take a tailored history and perform a relevant examination for an acutely unwell patient CEX (A&E/Ward. History and Exam) 3 2
Effective hand washing, gloving and gowning DOPS (Surgeon Preparation) 3 4
Accurate, effective and safe administration of local anaesthetic  DOPS (Administration of local anaesthetic) 3 3
Preparation and maintenance of aseptic field DOPs (Preparation of aseptic field) 3 3
Incision of skin and subcutaneous tissue DOPS (Incision) 3 3
Closure of skin and subcutaneous tissue DOPS (Closure) 3 3
Completion of  WHO check list (time out and sign out)  DOPS (WHO checklist completion) 3 3


Next ARCP in 2023 

The next Core Surgical Training ARCPs will be held on 1st February 2023