To ensure the effectiveness of the ARCP process it is essential that the following documentation is available on ISCP, it is a trainee’s responsibility to ensure that the documentary evidence is uploaded to the portfolio by the published submission date (normally two weeks prior to the ARCP Panel date).


Please refer to the ISCP for guidance on the number of Work Place Based Assessments that are required to be completed for your ARCP. Failure to complete the required amount of WPBAs or submit the documentation below could result in an unsatisfactory outcome. Trainees should note that any assessments completed after the submission date may not be considered. 

  1. ISCP portfolio is current and up to date for your current stage of training
  2. Up to date Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  3. ST8s are required to complete the Certification Checklist available on the JCST website, please upload to the portfolio under 'other evidence'
  4. Training reports must be completed, by your Assigned Educational Supervisor and by ALL your Clinical Supervisors, on ISCP. You should advise your Clinical Supervisors to specifically comment on the following domains with regard to your training;
    1. Knowledge
    2. Clinical Skills
    3. Operative Skills
    4. Professional Behaviour and Leadership Skill
  5. Form R 
  6. Wider Scope of Practice
  7. Trainees on OOP must submit an OOP Supervisors Report 
  8. Also refer to guidance on ARCPs on ISCP 
  9. New Surgical Curriculum  from August 2021 

The review will chart your progress to date and will identify any specific training needs for the future. The results of the review will be recorded on the ISCP within the ARCP section. We advise you share the information relating to your ARCP outcome with your Educational Supervisor to facilitate further Educational Supervision.


By this date trainees must also complete

  • Form R (Part A and B)
  • Wider Scope of Practice Form (if applicable) 
  • Trainees on OOP must submit an OOP Supervisors Report 

All forms must be dated within 4 weeks of the date of the ARCP.  Forms outside of these dates will not be accepted. 


All forms can be found on the Revalidation Pages 



Please email all documents to,  Two weeks prior to the ARCP Panel sitting date



You can if you wish also upload the Form R to your ISCP account,  how to do this is given below: 


Add > OTHER EVIDENCE > Miscellaneous.  If you need more space, then you will need to request this by emailing the ISCP helpdesk directly.     



The next ARCPs will be held on Friday 16th September 2022.